A Quick Fix demands quick thinking!

This Month we’re talking about A Quick Fix, a short film we helped shoot back last October. It was a great project that was a lot of fun to work on. The director Marshall Langhor, and Director of Photography Thom Stitt were new to us, but we found them very easy to work with from the first minute. Suffice to say jobs like this don’t come around every day.

Most of the production featured around 5 business men in a conference room. 3 of the said men are trying to impress one man who will give them business they so desperately need. Lighting 5 guys in a room really isn’t all that hard. But what we didn’t know was what they needed at the end of the scene. The picture demanded a fast dramatic push onto the boss in the room as he gives the pitch his final thumbs up. Normally I’d just use a cine-slider to get the shot, just sliding the camera on a rail system towards the actor resting on the table. We did not have a cine-slider. There is a tool for almost every conceivable need on set these days, but your not hired to complain about what you don’t have on set, your hired to make it happen one way or another.

Thom told me about this shot, but they had a very low tech way of getting it that probably would have mixed results. With an hour or so before that shot was happening we created this.

small dolly

A cheese-plate, couple mafer clamps, cardellini, and a couple cardelinks, a few arms and knuckles, and took 3 wheels off a doorway dolly. This rig allowed Thom to push the camera forward with relative easy AND allowed him to use his tripod head to tilt up midway. We put a hair light behind him creating a dynamic hair light, and had a few kino’s up top to create a nice fill light. All combined achieved these results.

They actually sell a very small dolly that looks like a mini skateboard that works well. But we didn’t have that. But when someones asking me if I can do something I don’t like answering back “well, we don’t have that piece of gear.” I prefer to provide solutions whether or not we have the ideal tool, and always get what the production needs done whether that be a big shot, or as simple as a push in.

The Quick Fix does not have a website yet, but we will update one when it is up and running. The production was a pleasure to work on, and we are more than pleased with the final results.